A Complete Takeover

2 min readFeb 23, 2021


It is incredible to see the progress and development Wynaut has made in the last week.

A massive revival event is incoming, real utility, real use case.

In the beginning, things were a little shaky, a new Telegram was formed, a new team was formed, a new community was born. Now, Wynaut is a full go.

It is safe to say Wynaut is among the best reflection tokens on the market, not to mention Wynaut is a frictionless token with a burn mechanism — every transaction burns 3.6%. That means 1.8% gets subtracted (burned) from the total supply, and the other 1.8% is distributed evenly among all hodlers and sent directly to your wallet. The “frictionless” effect means there’s no need to compound, harvest, or interact with any contract to enjoy this added benefit. The supply is fully diluted and started with 36,000,000 coins. In less than two weeks, supply has decreased by over 30%.

The dev team is building, the community is speaking, and Wynaut is listening. Community is first.

Last night we did yet another community engagement session to our Telegram family, and to show our appreciation for the engagement we got we will continue to do random weekly sessions to our TG community. Make sure to be active and get rewarded!

You can join here https://t.me/whynotrebuild

Lastly, we have an influx of projects showing interest in working with us. If your team is interested, please reach out.

That’s all for now, get excited!

  • Moose / Wynaut Team




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