A cosmic rebrand of epic proportions

Beloved ‘Nauts and Bandits, we’ve dropped a few nuggets here and there about this over the last few weeks but it’s finally time to shout it out from our rooftops:


That’s right fam, we are officially and spectacularly rebranding to MetacosmiX. PokeMoon is/was unquestionably awesome, however we’ve been longing to reposition our amazing project and our community in a way that’s, 1) better aligned with industry trends, 2) more attractive and palatable to partners, and 3) offers greater creative latitude. In the coming weeks you’ll witness firsthand what this means. In short, our ambitions transcend the cosmic. And yes, you should expect more shameless space-themed puns: it’s a side effect of the star-hoids we’re taking.

Naturally the decision to re-brand did not happen overnight, it was actually a hotly contested topic that will one day be adapted into a feature film written by JK Rowling and drawn by Beeple, and sold at Sotheby’s auction as an NFT to a CZ-Kanye West DAO. So you’re kind of watching crypto history unfold.

The highlights,

  • Our platform and the metaverse is called MetacosmiX — there will be subsections with different use cases that all sit under that umbrella. The first of these subsections will be our much-ballyhooed TCG — MetaBeastZ, that’s currently under development with Babybanana.
  • All the necessary social media handles and URLs are secured and will be unveiled and migrated-to in the coming days.
  • We’ve completed a full reworking of all existing NFTs and added completely new ones to the set. The IP is completely unique — no similarity to Pokemon anymore. Frankly the art is better. (Yeah, fuck it, we said it.)
  • As stated, Meownaut $MNT and Koban $KBN are NOT going away. Quite the contrary in fact: even more use cases for each token will be introduced along with never-before-seen burn mechanics. And indeed, the Lore of Meownaut and the Legend of the Koban are very much alive.
  • A stellar whitepaper will neatly lay out all these details and others on the new MetacosmiX site.

This is only a preview of what’s to come. Consider this our rocket ship’s maiden voyage into space. We haven’t even shared which celestial bodies we’re heading towards, what we’ll encounter along the way, or who our co-captains are. Gently, quietly, everything will come into sharp relief, as the dawn breaks the horizon. Fasten your space suit.


Team Meownaut and Team Kobandit



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