A farm for all seasons

Fellow ‘Nauts and Bandits, first off: how’re y’all holding up from that dump? Our tokens appear to be holding strong and stable … just sayin’. Also, it looks like some Kobandits raided BitMart and made off with some serious coin! Hope no one in our fam was negatively impacted by these shenanigans. Stay safe out there.

As you know we’ve been discussing internally and on our Telegram about yield farms and updating emissions. We alluded to these changes and updates in our initial revive message a couple of weeks ago and again more recently, however we now have the specifics so buckle tf up.

In order to improve our visibility on BSC and to finally meet listing criteria for CMC and CG, all liquidity will be moved to Pancake Swap. In preparation of the new farms going live tonight, please prepare your tokens and LPs according to this little manual:

  • Staked single tokens in Daycares: go to “Daycare” and unstake your KBN + MNT from the old pools, then restake them in the v1 Pools later tonight once everything is live (pay attention to “active/inactive”, this will change upon launch). Burn/reflect tax will be triggered on MNT interactions. The reflect sadly still doesn´t work for MNTs that are sitting in Daycares (it´s a global problem on BSC for all reflect tokens), but they still benefit from global burns of course.
  • CAKE v1 LPs: go to “Gyms — PancakeSwap”, unstake your LPs, and restake them in Cake v2 Gyms later tonight once everything is live (pay attention to “active/inactive”, this will change upon launch). No tax triggered for MNT in this case.
  • Pokemoon LPs: go to “Gyms - Pokémoon”, unstake your LPs, unpool them on exchange.pokemoon.io/#/pool, then go to https://pancakeswap.finance/liquidity and repool them (tax on MNT triggered). Finally go to “Gyms - PancakeSwap” and restake those precious LPs in the Cake v2 Gyms (pay attention to "active/inactive", this will change upon launch).

Et voila, you’re all set for the upcoming farming frenzy and will soon be bathing in those glorious APRs. As for our AMM, this is not the end. We’re simply prioritizing partner-led initiatives and a couple of other sly things we’re not quite ready to announce at this time.

The following changes will roll out today with the emitted Koban distributed thusly: Yield farms will resume with a vengeance at a rate of 3 Koban per block.


  1. KBN-BNB LP 25%
  2. KBN-BUSD LP 25%
  3. MNT-BUSD LP 17%
  4. MNT-BNB LP 17%
  5. BNB-BUSD LP 8% (2% deposit fee)


  1. MNT 4%
  2. KBN 4%
The elusive Wagminaut, the best of charms to all and for all

Move your tokens and LPs immediately in order to not miss out on those extra juicy early rewards in the new Gyms. And beware! Grave misfortune awaits the one who orphans meownaut and abandons their koban!

As you can see, our rewards currently favour liquidity provision — this is because we want to stabilize price action, reduce the price impact on buys/sells and make our project more attractive to new investors. With that said, this is certainly not the end of this discussion because, as one of our own wisely reminded us: tokenomics must respond to market conditions and be adjusted according to the needs of our project, it’s gotta be a “living organism”. Sagely advice.

The juiciest APRs on the BSC

To celebrate our new liquidity provision, another “shiny” announcement is coming.

Rates may change with due notice and, in time, subject to DAO governance. Our discussions about the yield distribution of Koban were not taken lightly. A special shout out to our fearless OG Prefix and adjunct tokenomist Martin for steering these conversations.

Lastly, we’d like to take this opportunity to bid farewell to the clownauts who’ve dumped because the price of $MNT was up a meagre 500% and $KBN by about 15,000% in the last few weeks: your short sightedness is appalling and you will not be missed. Consider this your dishonourable discharge!


Team Meownaut and Team Kobandit




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*Rebrand to MetacosmiX deployed!* metacosmix.io Home of the best community in crypto. Join the fun at metacosmix.io

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