Back to the Future

Fellow ‘Nauts and Bandits, we hope these messages find you in good spirits and refreshed by the holidays. On the heels of our raffles we’re here to bring you some more wicked updates.

First off, our Community Manager and resident guerilla hypenaut ZinsesZins is at it again on Tiktok, spreading the good word about our project. Smash the shit outta those like buttons fam, and leave some positive comments #wenlambo. Your participation will help everyone find us.

We’re working at breakneck speeds to bring you our groundbreaking TCG with BabyBanana. Here’s yet another sexy ass preview of how it’s coming along and what to expect. Apart from being the best, most nostalgic experience on BSC, the artwork is straight up out of this world.

Futurenauts unite!

Over the months many questions have arisen about whether our project name and branding violates copyright laws. No, it does not. We’ve always been a place of creative satire as is evident in all of our work and the way we’ve positioned it, and that is perfectly legal and permissible in any jurisdiction.

That said, we have unironically started an awesome project re-brand. (Kek.)

Bullish Rattish #LFG

With the holidays behind us and a new year before us, we have a bevy of things we’re about to unveil. At the same time we decided to undertake a critical (re)examination of the crypto landscape. In doing so we felt a project re-brand is in our best interest because it would allow us to better align our project with the evolutions that are occurring in blockchain and DeFi technology, and afford us greater creative latitude to mess around. (If you’ve been following us here and on Twitter you know we take our creative licence very seriously.) The idea of rebranding has been brewing for a very long time and is the sum of many, many long deliberations. We’ll devote an entire article to the re-brand, however, for now, know that (y)our tokens are perfectly safe and will stay the same, and we are continuously building around their utility.

No one will be screwed in this re-brand. Special artwork preview is by the inimitable Ninja Design Studio

More on PolyDoge

If you’ve been following our other channels you know about the latest partnership with PolyDoge. We’re absolutely over the moon about this collaboration — details are currently being hammered — a detailed plan is forthcoming.

Oh, and also: winners of the PolyDoge giveaway raffle will be announced soon. To give an idea of the early impact of this initiative look at these out-of-this-world engagement Twitter stats (as of this publication) — over 30,000 impressions! A propos, we just reached our 1,800th follower on Twitter — a testament to our recent focus on that platform and our all the amazing community support we’ve received since our revive message. Expect larger numbers following more news of our partnership(s) and the specs to the mf rocketship we’re building together with Baby Banana, PolyDoge and many others to be revealed soon. Our ambitions are interstellar.

To the stars,

Team Meownaut and Team Kobandit

Official Pokemoon channels: Telegram, Medium, Discord, Twitter, Reddit and the PokéMoon website.



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