Blast-off to Planet Migration!

2 min readOct 3, 2022


2022 Q4 & 2023 Q1 Development Plans

Last week, after the team completed a snapshot of all KBN and MNT holders, a significant amount of the liquidity supply (approximately 28 BNB) was drained and moved into the following two wallets:

  • 0x75cC455d4c35fC2EfC3F2ae4E121764f747Be224
  • 0xd31fd8EDA50d8f514cB6DEbE7dbA3A329Ee367A1

These funds are earmarked for project costs. They will not be transferred to individual holders for personal use.

A special thank you to Prefix, Geoff and JohnyPerfecto for swiftly and discreetly handling the snapshot last week. Although we previously stated emissions had been halted and advised the community to remove LPs, the time of the snapshot was deliberately not shared in order to prevent unscrupulous activity.

While the specifics of our new platform’s economics have not yet been finalized, one thing that we have finalized is the decommissioning of the MNT token. Meownaut will of course live on in NFT format, in our lore, and in our hearts. However, MNT as a separate governance token, as it was originally conceived by the old PokeMoon team, will not endure beyond this migration. But have no fear, all previous MNT holders will be compensated with new Koban on Polygon. A summary of all qualifying wallets and each’s entitlement is listed here.

Note: the amount indicated in the “shares” column will entitle the holder to a percentage of the new token supply, which has not yet been finalized. More updates and details to follow, including a new governance structure.

Here are the following items the team is currently working on (not in order) —

  • New website
  • Migration to Polygon
  • Releasing MetabeastZ TCG (beta)
  • Marketing (including additional AMAs, sponsored blog-post, etc.)
  • New funding round
  • Release of Official Rulebook NFT and First Edition NFT cards in booster packs
  • New smart contracts (including audits)

Boom. Thus concludes this sordid chapter.

In solidarity,

Team MetacosmiX

Official channels: MetacosmiX website, Telegram, Discord, Twitter.

Official channels: MetacosmiX website, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Tik Tok.




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