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4 min readMar 25, 2022


A flurry of important updates on MetabeastZ TCG, ELK/KBN-Farm, MetaPetz, PolyDogeDAO and soooo much more!

Happy Spring, fellow ‘Nauts and Bandits!

Apologies for the delay, fam. You’ll soon see what we’ve been up to and why there’s been a hold up. We have a rocketship load of updates so buckle the fuck up.

First off, a big fat welcome to Amina, our newest Community Manager! Amina will be assisting Johny, Zins and the rest of the team to take care of our channels and engage investors. She is based in beautiful Nigeria and comes with a ton of great experience and credentials. Holler at her on Discord or Telegram and say what’s up.

In case you missed this bit of significant news: we’ve merged with PolyDoge. Say what? In addition to the MetabeastZ TCG that you’ve heard all about, we’re building intelligent NFTs called MetaPetz. Our teams have spent the last few weeks getting acquainted, onboarding each other and forging ahead on pending items. The main priorities right now are to deploy our TCG and kicking-off MetaPetz. Alpha testing of the TCG is underway; gameplay and artwork is +80% complete (we’ll preview more again this week!) — a couple of our developers have been severely impacted due to the war on Ukraine, however we’re loading up new Unity developers, including two true masters of VFX whose resumes include Hollywood and Marvel films.


So WTF is MetaPetz? Well the best way to explain MetaPetz is that they’re layered, web3-native, AI-powered digital companions — somewhere between a Tamogotchi (but way cooler) and the hot AI from that film with Joaquin Phoenix (but way sexier). Check out our pitch deck for more details. This one’s a real page-turner. It’s the first major strategic document the new team has produced where we outline a long term vision that includes an array of products and utilities that are both on and off chain. Further down the road when we are on Polygon too, all games and ecosystems will be fully interconnected and of course our $KBN Koban $MNT Meownaut tokens will have many different use-cases. To give a better sense of the magnitude: all funds that come in from MetaPetz (i.e. PFP sale, international venture capital, funds raised from MetaPetz DAO token sales), including all future sub-projects, will benefit and boost the entire ecosystem, which includes MetacosmiX and MetabeastZ, of course.

We’ve grown a lot since our humble beginnings as a memecoin last year to an absolute powerhouse team with major partnerships, advisors and celebrity influencers. Queue the WAGMI memes.

To learn more about MetaPetz and PolyDoge, join each channel because we’re limiting this platform here to discussions about MetabeastZ in order to avoid redundancies. So, like, in the future and for the sake of consistency, we probably wouldn’t post little gems like this here … though you’ll definitely see lots of cross-over retweets for sure.

Bottom line, with MetaPetz the full force of this team will be showcased, including the absolute mu’fuckin gaming industry titans that have joined our core team and/or as advisors.

New Community events

We’re kicking off weekly pub nights on the bridge starting tonight with Johny Perfecto. Every Friday at 07:00pm UTC we’ll be meeting on Telegram for virtual drinks, to talk about MetacosmiX and just “shoot the shit”. Naturally we’ll be serving up some tasty hors d’oeuvres: $KBN 5,000 to the ‘Naut with the sexiest-looking drink shared in our Telegram during party hours, and $KBN 5,000 to a random winner that retweets our latest Twitter post, tags two friends and joins our Tik Tok as well as Discord.

Our two other Raffles!

Our original $KBN 100,000 Raffle is still going strong as well as our special rebrand giveaway. Two separate opportunities to win big! As stated, both contests will end before the launch of MetabeastZ. Since we kicked off the contest, Koban liquidity has grown immensely and we’re still going strong. Check out these bullish liquidity growth figures on Pancakeswap. It’s not too late to participate — the rewards are bountiful, and the raffle prize is truly of astronomical proportions. As of this writing, it costs less than $3.50 USD worth of tokens for a single “ticket”. No limits.

Come on, y’all. No excuses.

Twitter Representation

We’ve been quietly growing our base on Twitter — earlier this week we surpassed 5,000 followers! This is a testament to our amazing community and our friends at Babybanana, Elk Finance, and PolyDoge for helping us grow and expanding their circles to include us. It’s also an indication of the interest we’ve gotten from non-web3, RPG and TCG enthusiasts who are eager to play and collect MetabeastZ cards.

Okay, so what’s coming up? Look out for more news on the following in the coming days.

  1. AMA with Polygon on Twitter Spaces, including some alpha reveals
  2. New ELK-KBN Farm hosted on Elk Finance LIVE NOW.
  3. MetaPetz PFP Sale, with special whitelist spots for our MetacosmiX community
  4. PolyDoge DAO (tomb-fork) Launch
Adventurous Meownaut on the precipice, about to take the Great Leap (Credit: Bonobo/Cryptochimp)

Unfortunately there are simply too many moving parts to announce specific dates/times so you’ll need to stay tuned. We’ll make everything public as soon as we’re permitted to do so.

In solidarity,

Team MetacosmiX

Official channels: MetacosmiX website, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Tik Tok.




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