Gen2: PokéMoon launches Friday 1730 UTC (UK time)!

The launch of PokéMoon is almost upon us! Wynaut and Meowth are pumping steadily as our community prepares for Gen2 tokens!

In the meantime, we’ve set up two brand new domains: for a live countdown. This will be the main trading app site from Friday 1730 onwards. is our new info hub, hosted via Gitbook. We’ve written up all the Gen2 information into one easy-to-read area that will be regularly updated. Full roadmap coming soon!

In the meantime, feel free to farm Wynaut and Meowth and enjoy your rewards, which will come in handy for the conversion into Meownaut!

“Say cheese!”

See you on the PokéMoon ;)
- P W from the PokéMoon Community team (Wynaut, Meowth, Meownaut, Koban, PB)



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