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1 min readMar 6, 2021
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Instead of boring all of our beloved community with vomit, here are the facts.

Token (gen 2) swap will take place in the next 14 days; it is scheduled for March 15th. All clients eligible.

Conversion values are being adjusted carefully with the market and are subject to change, but they will be somewhere near

  • Wynaut 1:1
  • Meowth 2:1
  • Cake 1:37
  • Token(s) will be exchanged for Meownaut.

Airdrop will take place in next 14 days; it is scheduled for March 15th.

  • Pre-rug snapshots will be used.
  • Post-rug snapshots are currently under review.
  • LP clients will be airdropped, pre-rug. This may be a manual process.
  • You do not need to currently be holding tokens if you were affected pre-rug.

Community and team agenda, which are pending and under review.

  • NFT market place.
  • Roadmap release date.
  • Community engagement events (movie night, trivia, etc.).
  • Partnerships and reputable AMA’s.

Latest news here.

  • Gen 2 token multi-signature authentication to ensure community trust.
  • 5+ burn revenue streams and utility. We plan to add more.
  • New and exciting characters.
  • Extreme speed is near ending (or over).
  • Cheese is good.

Be sure to check out the latest AMA’s here. Many more to come.

/ Moose + Wynaut




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