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The Most Up-To-Date Calendar can be found here!

A Watchtogether, AMA, Cheese Photography Contest, Pokemon Showdown tournament, Merch Auctions, Concert/Digital arts showcase, Trivia, and games!

Community watch-together — at 8 AM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) March 11th

To kick off the countdown we will gather on a Watch2Gether server in about1 HOUR FROM THIS MEDIUM’S POSTING (Link to be posted on our twitter, Reddit, Biz, and Telegram when it begins). We’ve heard your suggestions and have a dope video playlist assembled! With Watch2Gether’s integrated chat, this is sure to be a cozy and hilarious time with your best crypto frens.

Get ready to cuddle up with your best internet friends and watch some Pokemon ::)

Dev Team Video AMA — at 11 PM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) March 11th

Developers will be in the Telegram chat answering community questions via video bubble and/or voice channel. Bring some juicy questions, and get ready for some laughs while learning about the future of our project!

bring your best questions!
do sumn like this

International Cheese Photography ContestEntries will be due by 7am UTC on March 16th.

Our mutual love of cheese has kept our community together during the darkest times. We want you to flex your creative muscles capturing the essence of our favorite fromage from the world over. Submit your portrait-style artwork/photography of cheese for a chance to get included on a set of international cheese-based NFTeese. The best images will be selected by the dev team according to the criteria of international representation, high quality depiction, creativity, and image composition, the higher image quality the better!

Submit your cheese porn here

mmmmm yummy cheese

Meownaut Community Pokemon Showdown Tournament — A community tournament on the in-browser Pokemon Battle Simulator “Pokemon Showdown” will be happening on March 13th,

Sign up here!

Please follow instructions very carefully to be eligible!

1: Create an account on

2: Enter your username EXACTLY as it appears on pokemon showdown into this form

3: This form must be complete by 8 am UTC March 12th

4: Then brackets will be generated and announced

5: The tournament will happen at 10 pm UTC March 12th

6: Find your opponents by looking at the usernames as entered on the tournament bracket!

7: Random battle best of 3 matches for each round!

8: When you’ve won, look at the bracket to see who your potential next challenger is and message the group telegram trying to find them!

Meownaut Project Merch Auctions — Bid your Wynaut and Meowth to win bespoke clothing based on our Generation 1 and 2 tokens and community.

  1. Garments hand-drawn and dyed in Southern California by Y Not
  2. Clothes will be based on themes from our project and community
  3. You give input on the colors, style, and theme of the clothes, and the garment will be made to your size specifications
  4. These will be in very limited supply.
  5. Auctions will happen in Telegram regularly throughout the Generation Celebration and last about 1 hour of bidding- Keep an eye on the channel to participate and win!

The first auction will be a custom dyed and drawn hoodie, and will happen after the Community Watch2Gether this evening (1st Auction Beginning at 10am UTC today in Telegram)!

Here are some examples of garments dyed by Y Not

Meownaut Community Art Contest — We know we have the most talented community in Crypto and want to honor that. So we’ve prepared a MASSIVE competition with ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND MEOWTH in prizes.

A 50,000 meowth grand prize, and five 10,000 meowth runner ups!

Make any kind of content, art, expression, etc. related to Meownaut, Gen 2, and/or our project/community and you’ll have a chance to win HUGE! The dev team will judge your entries by looking at your creativity, originality, quality, connection to our project, and effort! Your entries are due on 7AM UTC March 20th.

Submit your art here!

Y Not Concert and Community Digital Arts Showcase — at 10 PM UTC on 20th

The winners of the Community Art Contest will be announced and shared via a Zoom Gala happening over zoom (Link Coming Soon). This gala will be hosted and includes a digital contest by resident Rhymenaut, Y Not!

Papa Moose’s MEGA TRIVIA BONANZA — Moose has a trivia treat that’s far from trivial happening this week! Bring your thinking caps and get ready for a challenging competition and absolute blast! Happening Saturday March 13th in PST, keep an eye on the Calendar.

Dev Team Quiplash — See if the dev team actually has jokes, we will livestream a quiplash game to the community! Happening March 14th, keep an eye on the Calendar!

We hope you’re as ready as we are for Gen 2, and the GENERATION CELEBRATION!!!!

-Dev Team




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