Introducing Bart Baker …

2 min readJan 30, 2022


A new creative partnership and addition to the MetacosmiX team

Fellow ‘Nauts and Bandits, as y’all know we’re in love with artistry and comedic satire so we’re absolutely beaming with pride to announce Bart Baker — celebrity and satirist extraordinaire, is joining our advisory/ambassadorial board. Bart is a celestial giant when it comes to creativity: he brings an immense portfolio, and a massive community — over 40,000,000 fans and followers across his channels. He is. unironically. bigger. than. Bieber.

For almost fifteen years Bart has been a mainstay online and since September he has emerged as a leading influencer and advocate of cryptocurrency. He’s also planning to put his creative talents into producing parody music videos for crypto projects like this racy number about PolyDoge. Example lyric: And fuck you Elon Musk, you small dick, bitch. (He makes a fair point.) Follow him on Youtube and Twitter for other such dazzling turns of phrase and poignant visuals.

As you well know, creativity has been ingrained in our DNA since the days of Wynaut and Meowth. (In fact it was exactly one year ago that Wynaut Money launched. Sigh.) It’s the thing that separates MetacosmiX from the detritus that’s floating around your timelines and littering your crypto wallets. Our view of art as a boundless enterprise underpins all we do, and we are constantly looking for new ways to use it as a mode for laughter, pleasure, and social commentary. And transcendence! (This is the metaverse after all.)

Our partnership with Bart represents all of the above and more. We can’t divulge too much right now about what we have planned, but to mark this occasion, an ultra smooth edition of a Bart Baker NFT will be minted and available for use in our upcoming MetaBeastZ TCG. Expect to see a frenzy of folks come out now that he’s joined forces with us because he’ll be letting the world know about his work with us. Other initiatives with Bart will follow suit, inflected with the same hilarious bombast he brings to all his work. This will be a partnership for the ages.

Now imagine a perfectly-balanced MetaBeastZ Bart Baker NFT

In Bart’s own words, “fuck ’em other cryptos”.

Spoken like a true Kobandit.

In solidarity,

The MetacosmiX Team

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