Introducing Gen-2: PokeMoon! [1]

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We are in the final days of the reveal of our Generation 2 Ecosystem and PokeMoon platform, and it’s been far from easy to get here.

To understand where the development team is coming from, let’s walk you through a little history of the Generation 1 coin ecosystem of Wynaut and Meowth…

Gen 1 (Wynaut Money & Team Rocket Finance) came into existence with Wynaut, the loveable, burnable, reflectionary coin. Wynaut was developed as an experiment in BSC, a shot in the dark that lit up the sky like a firework subsequently attracting the internet’s best and brightest like a Meownaut to Cheese.

Wynaut gently burned over 14 million of its total supply since release and rocketed to an all time high of over 50 cents.
Meowth came along soon after, promising delicious APY and an all time high (hype) of over 25$!

Gen 1 was created without any real direction in mind, and was intended to be a simple meme-coin with fun tokenomics. As the community slowly gathered and grew around this central idea, we found that we actually had so much more to offer. Imaginative and energetic as we are, we found we could dream bigger. But it wasn’t just about dreaming, we actually have the creativity and work ethic to achieve those dreams.

Real use-cases and utility weren’t part of the ground-design, so we outgrew those shoes quickly; we needed a change. Generation 1's quickly cobbled-together structure made it too inflationary for its own good, thus unsustainable in the long run.

And then @BNBENDGAME… Despite the calamity, the community came together in the chaos and a new dev team formed: based 100% of community members just like you. We felt like we could improve upon the formula with our project. We made some changes to the Generation 1 ecosystem, convincing ourselves it is all really possible. We persevered and now we are prepared to bring Wynaut and Meowth on a new journey… to the PokeMoon.

We gathered our strength, huddled close in our Telegram, and the discourse poured out like a fountain. We set ourselves on the mission to build an entire ecosystem plank by plank, like a great ark. It had to be something with the scalability we need to support the project a community like ours deserves. It needed a well-structured design that could be fine-tuned to your desires, expand our product universe, and host vastly superior tokenomics.

The vessel we have carefully constructed with close attention to your feedback is the Generation 2 Ecosystem and PokeMoon Exchange Platform:

The PokeMoon ecosystem (props to Nodens!)

Like what you see? ;)

Over the next 48 hours we will be releasing a series of articles and blogs discussing our new platform and some of the reasons behind choices we made in the process of building it and how we are planning to continue building.

The first will discuss the Meownaut Bridge: our community’s personal Generation 1 conversion contract.

Of course, you guys want to finally know how to convert your tokens and enter Gen-2. We are making it very easy! After that, we will talk about what you can do with your shiny new Meownauts and the first choices you need to make!

We’ll see you on the PokeMoon!
- The PokeMoon (Wynaut, Meowth, Meownaut, Koban) Team

Read Part 2: New Tokens here



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