Introducing Gen-2: The Exchange [3]

Hello Pokémoon Community!

The Gen 2 Exchange is happening THIS FRIDAY AT 1730 (5:30 pm) UTC

In JUST OVER 12 HOURS FROM THIS MEDIUM, Our Generation 2 tokens (Meownaut, Kobans) will be available on our new Automated Market Maker (AMM), Pokémoon, you’ll be able to convert your Gen 1 tokens to Gen 2 via the bridge, and our farms will be live!

Follow the Countdown and find the exchange on

Find the answer to your questions on our info hub!

Saint Trick’s Guide to Meownaut Launch:

Hey guys, it’s your old pal Saint Trick! I’m the art liaison on the development team and work to manage our emerging NFT universe. The thing I miss most about being up in there all the time, however, was teaching crypto noobs how to get their feet wet.

As it turns out, because we’re launching our own fresh platform and exchange at Poké we’re all going to be noobs in a way here. So let’s get down to the basics of it.

We’re done with our old tokens. This is a new team that formed around the creations of others and there were some issues in the tokenomics that needed to be worked out. So we’ve concocted an improved ecosystem to operate in. As of today, Meowth farming will be slowed down to almost nil. It’s time to take your Pokémon off the farm and put them back in your wallet.

You’ve got your Wynaut tokens. You’ve got your Meowth tokens. But what you want is Meownaut.

He’s a cheese-loving moon cat with ears for arms, a big magic thing on his head, and a big shiny thing in his chest. What’s not to love?

That’s what he’s saying.

Meownaut is going to be our store of value token. Similar to bitcoin, its purpose is akin to a savings account. You’ll be rewarded for not selling it. With each transaction being taxed at a percentage, a portion of each buy and sell will be reflected back into your wallet.

Just to tie things together in a grand metaphor; Meownaut is from the moon which reflects a portion of the sun’s light back down upon us all. Isn’t it obvious?

Baby Yo- uhhh… I mean Meownaut!

In order to get your Meownauts, you’re going to have to use what’s called a bridge (it’s a smart contract) which you will interact with through our UI. It will allow you to send us your Wynaut and Meowth tokens, which we will mint into shiny new Meownaut tokens.

We are going to have it operational for a generous amount of time. Multiple days. If you have to work the night shift or you’re on a flight to Bangkok you’ll still get a chance to get your Gen 2 tokens, do not worry.

The conversion rate will be 1 Wynaut to 1 Meownaut and 2 Meowth to 1 Meownaut. From there, you will want to have BNB in your wallet, because you’re going to want to take some of your Meownauts and combine them with some BNB (or BUSD) and trade them for Pokemoon-LP tokens on our exchange (You don’t have to farm for Kobans if you don’t want, but it’s what I will be doing fo sho). You can also stake your Meownauts to get Kobans!

Well-rounded and multifaceted, Meownaut is a true savant.

Okay, you’ve got your LP tokens, it might’ve been hard at first, you had to ask a friend for some help (or probably me) but you did it.

Now you’re going to take the LP tokens, and bring them to the Gym!

This is where your Meownaut, equipped with energy(BNB), learns his most powerful move:

Make It Rain…

GOLDEN COINS FROM THE SKY!!! These coins are just like the one found in Meownaut’s chest, the historic Japanese Koban.

If you are out of energy(BNB) you can put your Meownaut in Daycare to earn Koban.

The Koban is our utility currency. Think of it like an arcade token, Chuck E Cheese tickets, or an American dollar.
You’ll be less attached to Koban than your Meownauts because they are inflationary, but they’ll still be useful!
Our lottery will run on them, and every other gaming feature we add in the future will be played with Koban. It will be a currency used in our marketplace.
And finally, it will be used to acquire the seasonally rotating PB!

PB-2113, MAXR Ball!

I’m not saying they’re Pokeballs, they may look like them, but I would never deign to use that totally copyrighted word. They’re PBs. And you’re gonna use em to get our sexy NFT packs of purely original, bootleg Pokemoon cards. I AM SO PSYCHED ON THIS PART.

Mmmmm PB and Jelly Sandwiches?

I know. It’s a lot to digest at once. Let’s take a breather. I’m gonna stop there. I’ll be in the telegram to answer your questions. This is gonna be good. It’s happening, we’re doing it…

…Okay and I’m gonna pick it up hehehe, Y Not here with the

Y Not’s BUY GUIDE for Generation 2.

There will be two swap functionalities available on the Pokemoon platform

  • The first will be the Bridge, your way of converting Generation 1 tokens (Meowth and Wynaut) into the Generation 2 Meownaut tokens.

To use the bridge you simply connect your wallet, approve the transaction, and enter how many Gen 1 tokens you want to convert! The conversions have to be done for each token individually, so if you have stacks of both Wynauts and Meowths you want to convert it will be 2 transactions!

The conversion ratios are 1 Wynaut = 1 Meownaut and 2 Meowth = 1 Meownaut. The gen 1 tokens will still be available for purchase while the bridge is open, so feel free to buy Meownaut via the Gen 1-Gen 2 bridge for the couple of days that it is available!

  • The second swap functionality will be on our Pokémoon exchange!

1. Go to the PokéMoon Exchange:

2. Unlock your Binance Smart Chain Wallet.

3. Select the tokens you wish to trade (or enter a new token’s contract address)

4. Approve the spending of tokens if necessary.

5. Check the details, and click “Swap”.

6. Double check the detail, and click “Confirm Swap”

7. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

8. Congratulations, you’ve just made your first trade on the PokéMoon Exchange! Click “View on bscscan” for the details.

This process should look very familiar to you if you used Pancakeswap to get our Generation 1 tokens! If you have any questions take a look at our info hub or ask in our telegram!

All 3 tokens will be available on day 1 of the launch, but Kobans and PBs will not have visible price data initially. The prices will ultimately be determined by the market movements on the days following the exchange, and we have already seen incredible growth since the Gen 2 rollout began.

Koban price data will follow soon after Gen 2 Release, but it’s an inflationary coin starting from zero. The percentage of the supply that will be minted is fixed per block, so the price will have wild fluctuations initially. If you want to trade $KBN it is likely that people will provide supply, but it won’t be available for staking rewards until the $KBN supply has been inflated a bit. Koban is a token full of innovative usecases and burn channels, but it is still inflationary by nature! If you’re looking to hold a coin, Meownaut is your best bet- Kobans love spending time at the Pokébank!

The development focus is Meownaut→Koban→PBs, and Koban farms+pricing will be available before NFTs. Pricing info will then be useful for gauging the value of PBs and the NFTs themselves! Remember, PBs are incredibly scarce and time limited. Gotta cash ’em all!

The Gen1-Gen 2 bridge and our new Automated Market Maker (AMM) will be live on on Friday at 1730 (530pm) UTC.


We’re all in this together!

Through all of these weeks of ups, downs, hard work, late nights, heated discourse, and problem-solving, the one thing that has remained constant is the love, genuine connection, imagination, learning, and joy that happens in our community.

In our darkest moments, whenever we felt afraid, there was always a shining light of positivity somewhere in our thousands-strong Telegram chat.

In the face of the most horrific, illogical, and mean-spirited FUD, we have endured to find truth and hope in the shadiest corners of the internet.

In your hands, the hands of the community, this project can never fail. We have proven that time and time again. Now that we have left our fears behind us and found our footing, we can go boldly into that brilliant future we deserve.

There is still so much to show you, so much to do, and so much fun to be had.

Thank you, Pokémoon Team

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