July Updates

A lot is in store for our hatchling project!

The long-awaited sequel to the thrilling previous medium, including never-before-seen news and tidbits including:
- Meowth Airdrop
- PyroMania
- Marketplace
- Games
and so much more!


We are reaching a fever pitch! After weeks of diligent work, we are almost ready to release a new NFT Pack. What better way to honor the occasion than with some events celebrating the hottest parts of the Mooniverse!

Cool Squirders don’t look back at explosions

Deep within the Moon’s crust, massive industrial operations are utilizing the matter-melting temperatures of certain PokéMoon to liquify and extract materials at an unprecedented scale. Areas of the lunar surface are exposed to excruciating solar radiation, leading to hot-tempered genetic anomalies. Fiery household pets and urban moonsters keep residential domes insulated from the biting freeze of an earth-lit night.

Deep within the Moon’s crust, Madness is as abundant as Magma!

This event is all about celebrating the spicy side of the Mooniverse and centers on some very rare balls imported from the most hostile, extreme environments on (and in) the Moon:

Pyro Balls

The inner-fire of some of the Moonsters contained within these balls burns so hot that they have to be handled with specialty gloves. Every year dozens of homes burns down due to unattended Pyro Balls so PLEASE practice fire safety. You can imagine how dense the hull of the ship that brought them in is!


In case you had any lingering questions about Pyro Balls AKA PB-2125:

  • The contract address for PB-2125 is 0x6cf7240899902b33545e82f59586e52f2e1004a3
  • Earn PB-2125 by staking you Koban at the PokéBank
  • Unstaking your Koban before PB-2125 supply is fully exhausted results in a 20% fee; the fee is waived shortly after there are no PB-2125 left to farm.
  • There will be roughly 2 million PB 2125 left over after PB 2125
  • 2 PB-2125 are generated per block
  • There are an additional 2 million PB-2125 that will be burned as part of the PyroMania event!
  • The PB-2125 Bank will end some time around when this countdown ends https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/9475322

Redeem PB-2125 to get the new NFT packs — this new season of cards is going to be HOT!! so accumulate and hold onto your balls!


The PyroMania NFT pack is full of incredible and anomalous creatures. We have a perfectly engineered computer virus come alive, manifesting in physical reality as an embodied firewall. There is a hot-nut wielding fiery furry friend that looks like it would be at home in a Central Park set ablaze. Even an exciting evolution for the PokéMoon franchise’s beloved mascot that is totally ferocious!

If your nuts are burning you might visit a doctor, but for this Moonster it is totally normal!

These fantastical creatures and so much more can be yours when the NFT exchange opens in the coming weeks! We currently anticipate a minor delay on the PyroMania NFT pack release as we finish compiling the jaw-dropping creature art, but hope to deliver ASAP. Once open, you may exchange your PB-2125 Pyro Balls into PyroMania NFT packs.

Each Pyromania pack contains a random assortment of cards ranging in rarity and type. The cards from this pack are unique to this season, and once the NFT exchange closes the only way to get the cards will be through trading or buying via a marketplace!

As our platform expands and our story unfolds, these early NFTs will go down in history as a legendary piece of our project’s history. The same immutable flame that burns in the belly of these mythical beasts is the undying flame of passion that the PokéMoon developers and community harness every day!


Some people just want to watch the world burn.

It wouldn’t be a proper PyroMania without some big burns, and we have some of the biggest in our project’s history lined up!

Huh, I wonder if all these burns will have an unintended supernatural consequence

I’ll start with the obvious: half of the total PB-2125 has been deemed too hot to handle, and will be burned expeditiously!

Perhaps more importantly, newer investors to the project might have noticed a wallet holding a large percentage of the Meownaut supply. This wallet was set aside at the creation of the PokeMoon platform to be used for the Gen 1 Meowth Dump AirDrop! We recognize that with this wallet gone newcomers have one more reason to trust our project. The airdrop is finally happening (details down below) and any unclaimed Meownaut (which we suspect a lot will be left unclaimed) will be go straight to the inferno!

Last but not least: it wouldn’t be fair to burn all this PB and Meownaut without letting some Koobies get scorched. We will be doing a sizeable Koban burn from the dev wallet in addition to centering Koban Burn in our marketplace design direction.

Creature Creation Contest and Other Events

We’re also kicking off PyroMania with a HUGE community contest that will set the stage for subsequent events. It is very easy to participate and features some whopping Koban prizes, keep reading for details!


We want you to come up with ideas for Moonsters, the creatures that inhabit PokéMoon’s creative universe! Brainstorm and assemble those ideas into a collage for us and submit it in the #contest channel of our Discord or as a reply to the upcoming tweet!

For your entry you can use images, texts, or some combination of the two! It is totally acceptable to copy/paste some google images in a document and write a sentence or two. You can also totally reference existing works, creatures, or things in nature to describe your design. You DO NOT have to make any fancy art or have any talent. We really just want good ideas!

For your entry you can use images, text, or some combination of the two!

We really encourage you to make something for this contest- The stakes are low and the rewards are high. Make sure to stay tuned as PyroMania unfolds for more updates on community events and contests! There are always opportunities to earn through community engagement at PokéMoon!


CJ and Hoss have been working tirelessly for over a month now rigging our platform’s entirely proprietary NFT Marketplace. It isn’t releasing tomorrow, but I think it’s in good enough shape to give you a sneak preview of all the hard work!

Sleek, Sexy, Sell your NFTs

We’ve been paying close attention to community requests for the new utilities on our platform. One of the most common suggestions is a Koban burn mechanism to keep the coin’s inflation at bay. We hear you loud and clear! At this initial stage, the NFT Marketplace at PokeMoon.io will support buying and selling your cards for Koban and feature a generous Koban burn per transaction!

How many Jetpacks does your Koban have?

The trading windows are full of opportunities to interface with the NFT’s 3D models, details, stats, and lore within the marketplace. we hope community members will be just as immersed navigating the commerce section of our site as they would anywhere else, and believe it will translate to deeper engagement.

The introduction of the marketplace adds an unprecedented layer of depth to our platform as well as demonstrates our technical talent. As a project existing at the intersection of nostalgia and innovation, we see many opportunities within the NFT marketplace. Whether you are just one card away from completing your collection of a certain pack, browsing the main market page for a rare deal, or making a fortune pawning off your lucky rolls, the possibilities are endless!


Like the rest of our site, the NFT marketplace promises to be a living, breathing page with frequent updates to UI and functionality. As it grows, you might see it used as a platform for partnerships, other trading styles, and more!

Gen 1 Airdrop

For months, hundreds of our oldest community members have been managing a great trauma. The Meowth dev wallet dump that occured in mid February of this year was a preposterous catastrophe. The new and improved development team that rallied in the wake of that catastrophe promised compensation, and it is time for us to make good on that promise.

Many of my closest friends in the community have had countless sleepless nights wondering “Y Meowth Doomp?”

The Final Farewell to Our Dark History

If you are one of these phantoms haunting our community, I have some thrilling news for you. For a limited time: the Gen 1 Airdrop retrieval form has been opened! Follow the instructions carefully to gauge your eligibility and please reach out if you have any questions.

THE FORM CAN BE FOUND HERE, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ IT https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSehpVu0b88wHBol98G40swS8ylKt9qzyev8QSzGdaDDxpBdJg/viewform?usp=sf_link

The whole thing will be over soon, like a bad dream


As a dev team of gamers, one of our biggest goals for the PokéMoon project is realizing the interactable digital worlds we’ve always wanted to experience.

As part of that goal I want to show you something really special that is in development by Nodensclature — it is not coming any time soon and may look drastically different when and if it ever does release, but we still think you would like a sneak peak!

Step into our World

A quest for companionship featuring some of our most iconic Moonsters, PokéMoon World is in very early development. Through different biomes across the Mooniverse, you will be able to collect and nurture incredible creatures.

What magnificent beasts could be hiding in those eggs…

We hope to release software that is innovative, community driven, engaging, and full of unforgettable stories. PokéMoon World isn’t the only game we have dreamed up, and as we keep fleshing out the project we have high hopes for a suite of digital worlds with blockchain integration. As long-time followers of the project have seen though, these things take time — so don’t expect to play anything on PokeMoon.io tomorrow!

Mighty Minecraft Meownauts!

If you want to help us speed up the process, let us know if you or a friend has game developer experience! If not, go find somebody who does! The PokéMoon dev team is actively recruiting a game developer who is committed to the success of our project and wants to be a part of something simply dope.

Last Medium’s Part 2


We love http://coinvote.cc and they love us!

Our community has done an outstanding job showing up for coinvote’s various contests and competitions. We’ve won a few of them, and gotten a lot of sponsorship airtime on the Coinvote site+Twitter!

Keep up the great work community, and thank you Coinvote!


The AMA at Sail Veterans is full of helpful information doled out by resident word wizard Y Not, find the transcript here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15-dcy0kK02nQ3CA5aUYsiAYH5BS1ZKYRwmuYHrmXL-8/edit?usp=sharing


Meownaut and Koban are both listed on Coingecko now! Rejoice at the ease of price-tracking and boon of legitimacy for our project! Relish and dance in the streets! All hail the mighty Gecko and the influx of holders he brought!

The links can be found here:
MNT— https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/meownaut
KBN— https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/koban

SCV Finance

For those eager card-peddlers who cannot wait for the official PokéMoon NFT marketplace to open, you can currently buy and sell PokéMoon cards at scv.finance! Follow this guide for more info:

Help us find Devs and Artists!

Our project is ambitious and crew-driven. The development team is a small, committed team of professionals who are honestly just building what we think is cool. we are aiming for the moon but we could use some more hands on deck making it happen. Reach out if you have one or more of the skills and experience we need (in order of importance):

  1. Frontend Dev — React/Node
  2. Game Dev
  3. Solidity

We could also always use artists, shillers, community mods, and whatever other roles you come up with. This project thrives on community contribution

If any of these people sound like you, join us on telegram at t.me/PokeMoonDefi!

Thank You

The future is bright, and real quality creations take time.

To our committed, positive, creative, and ambitious community members: thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Until the next medium comes in 10 years,

Dev Team



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