Impending Major News Update

Big news coming in the next 48 hours, and here’s a sneak peak:

  • We’ve finally confirmed the ratios for converting and it’s looking good for Meowth and Wynaut ::)
  • There will be a snapshot taken and airdrop done soon.
  • Our roadmap is coming soon, to be published on Gitbook along with a FAQ

I won’t give away too many more details, but we’ve been paying close attention to which windows into our development process the community desires. We will clear up a lot of questions about the future with a major news update coming soon!

A nascent species, never before seen in the region!

Extreme Speed is Slowing Down

As we reach the final hours of this week-long Extreme Speed initiative, you’ll notice your farming APY coming to a gradual decline. We hope you’ve enjoyed your increased yields and the updates, camaraderie, and cozy cultivation that have come with Extreme Speed! Now is the perfect time to strap in, hodl tight, and get ready for the Generation 2 tokens + other development updates coming soon ✨

Take some time to go outside, relax, you owe it to yourself!

Jackpot! Lottery Updates

Yesterday we completed our first ever Meowth lottery drawing! With a couple hundred thousand Meowth in the victory pool, a few lucky kitty cats won massive Meowth jackpots! With the first lottery wrapped up and the second lottery approaching, we’ve been collecting community feedback and discussing solutions internally. We have made a few adjustments to the lottery system:

Tickets now cost 1000 Meowth in an effort to reduce the amount of gas fees

In order to win a prize, you must have more than one matching number

We want to ensure the most sustainable future for your investment, and make sure our games are running at maximum efficiency!



Celebrate the New Wynaut Community Youtube channel with the release of the /REVIVE/ DELUXE Theme! featuring a TRULY BREATHTAKING video edited by community member W. It’s at times hilarious, terrifying, and the product of incredible community talent. Fun for the whole family!

PS: Wynaut Community movie nights and other events coming soon ::)



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