Oh you thought we were finished with our NFTs?

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Hello Meownauts and Kobandits,

Only a few days after the launch of our first ever NFT pack, we are already primed to release an update to our frontend very soon (like today).

That’s right, with our central mechanics now launched and stable we can work pretty fast! This update marks the beginning the long string of consistent quality of life improvements/utility integration updates to be deployed on our platform in the coming years.

Here’s what you can expect very soon on

Improved connectivity and seamless wallet connection between pages

You should no longer need to reconnect your wallet when switching between pages and utilities on; instead enjoy fluid transitions between tabs.

UI aesthetic tweaks to promote consistency and maximize sexiness

We are building a brand here at PokéMoon. As we continue using our site we notice little spring cleaning aesthetic updates that will improve user experience and increase our visibility. As we work on our brand book behind the scenes, some of those aesthetic changes will bleed into the front-end. Realize this is more than a coin, it’s a franchise: you own it.

External card type and element tags

It is also imperative that we find a way to better sort and organize the cards as they exist in our Collection viewer. Everyone enjoys the exhilarating rush of tearing open Blast Off! packs, but nobody likes scrolling endlessly and clicking through multiple pages to learn about the cards held within. We hear you, and these tags are a step on the road to an easily sorted, accessibly organized inventory.

Star tracking system which indicates what rarity cards are in a pack

Your card packs now externally indicate which rarities are contained within. This makes it easy to see what cards you got from a pack at a glance while in the Collection overview. No longer will you have to guess and click through tens of packs hoping you got a legendary at every turn, now you see a cute little star!

Integrated 3D rendering engine with animated Legendary cards

Our NFTs aren’t just static internet images that you pay for, they’re fully modelled 3D renders of our cards — sometimes complete with animations and holographic effects. The front-end 3D viewer allows you to see and manipulate the cards in your pack with the touch of a finger. This innovative technology is more than fun, it’s a promising first step on the road to revolutionizing NFTs and making the impossible possible on the Blockchain.

These updates will be deployed very very soon (like right now)

We are constantly striving to create new things and refine the work that we do, and the community is an integral part of that process. We have kept a close ear to your suggestions and priorities while determining our development direction and release timeframes. Improved NFT functionality and organization is at the top of our list, and CJ, Hoss, and Prefix have been working their butts off behind the scenes to create the technology.

Today we are able to deliver some of those highly-requested quality of life changes as we continue our work on the internal mechanics of the platform. We hope you enjoy the increased functionality and sleekness as much as we do, because we will have more updates for you soon!

Stay Tuned

PokéMoon Dev Team



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