MetacosmiX Whitepaper

1 min readApr 10, 2022

Beloved ‘Nauts and Bandits, we’re so fucking happy to finally make this announcement: our Official Whitepaper and Roadmap are ready.

This document puts our cards on the table, so to speak. Without giving too many secrets away, we lay everything out here: the context and market conditions, the trends we’re riding, and a broad overview of our future.

This latest milestone is mainly for the community, but know that this is a watershed moment for MetacosmiX because it formalizes our project even further and transforms all the tangential and nebulous shit we’ve been discussing into something real and definitive.

Please give it a read. As a member of MetacosmiX, we welcome your feedback. In fact we’re relying on it. Naturally, more details will be added over time. We hope the result is something you’re proud to show off.


Team MetacosmiX

Official channels: MetacosmiX website, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Tik Tok.




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