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Fellow ‘Nauts and Bandits, What’s up, y’all. We know you just heard from us but this is just how we do. Seriously, this one’s a real doozy:

Polygon Studios.

That’s right. That’s who we’re partnering with. And it’s fucking official.

Anurag, Jaynti, Sandeep, Cuban, Wyatt … We’re joining the heavyweight’s club, baby! This is a huge win for our community and an immense vote of confidence. This is like BAYC, except it’s not stupid.

Well, okay. Hah, that’s a bit of an overstatement about BAYC. But we are now officially in cahoots with the Polygon. Yes, Polygon. As in the MF gargantuan $13B MCAP “project” and top 15 cryptocurrency! Ah, now it all makes sense: the random hints we’ve been dropping on Medium, Twitter, and Telegram? In case you missed it, here’s a taste of the fantastic Polygon-commissioned and inspired NFTs for MetabeastZ that we’re developing.

MetaBeastZ TCG Preview: First Edition Poli’Gon Isha (Ninja Design Studio)

For reference, Polygon (MATIC) is the decentralised Ethereum scaling platform and Polygon Studios is the home for all NFT, Gaming, and Metaverse projects on the Polygon protocol. So what does all of this mean? Well, Polygon will soon be the new home and headquarters of MetacosmiX, and Polygon Studios is the division we’re working and collaborating with directly. Boom. (No you STFU!)

We’ve been in talks with the fair folks at Polygon for a while about the MetabeastZ TCG and our future goals and objectives. In short, there is tremendous confidence on their end about our roadmap, how far we’ve come, and a strong desire to support us on our way to building the greatest blockchain TCG on the planet. Likewise, we’re absolutely thrilled to work alongside Polygon because of their expertise in digital culture and entertainment on the blockchain. Most importantly, we are joining an ecosystem that is hosting other games, including TCGs, with whom we are planning important knowledge exchanges and strategic collabs. We’re not at liberty to disclose all the specifics of this partnership, however it will suffice for now to say that we’ve received a massive boost from one of the most powerful movers in crypto. In due course, more details will be shared.

In these early days of Web3 exploration and experimentation the stars are lining up for a generational collectible trading card game at the level of Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, or Yu-Gi-Oh that resonates with populations from across the globe, harnesses the commercial potential of TCGs, and is powered by the mechanics of blockchain technology.

Guided by the principles of responsive design and a view of art as a boundless enterprise, the MetabeastZ TCG will venture fearlessly into the cosmos in search of new ways to expand its platform as a mode for laughter, pleasure, and social commentary.

MetacosmiX isn’t just random shit we’re doing on the blockchain. We are taking a systematic approach to growth by steadily expanding our DeFi functionalities and developing other mission-critical Web3 initiatives at the scale and quality of MetabeastZ. (And dropping F-bombs along the way!) MetacosmiX is our universe. It is everything. It’s still very early.


Team MetacosmiX




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