NFTs and the Next Few Weeks!

Hello Meownauts and Kobandits!


We hope you have been enjoying Gen 2 and the platform as much as we have. With its sleek design, ease of access, and Meownuat typos, we’ve built our nest comfortable enough to shelter us as we grow (and generate cozy passive income). The daycare berries have been planted, gold is being pumped at the Gym, the PokeBank tellers are doling out PB, and one thing is on everybody’s minds…

NFTs and the Next Few Weeks

Kadalax used diet! It was super effective!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the quiet of these past few days, because we are about to BLAST OFF! The dev team and community artists have been working like crazy behind the scenes getting the next engine of our project ready for launch: NFTs.

At the intersection of art, entertainment, and technology, we have been carefully designing the mechanics of the NFTs that will illustrate our universe and give you an opportunity to play and earn. Over the next days you will have an opportunity to gear up for the launch of some of our most exciting technology yet!

The Great Withdrawal

Sing us a song you’re the PikaMan, sing us a sooooong toniiiiight

The PokeBank (PB farm) is having a great withdrawal around April 8th. There is a total supply of 3 million PB-2114, and once they are all plucked from the fields the great withdrawal will begin. You will notice your PB-2114 yields from the PokeBank slow to a halt and the 20% Koban withdrawal fee is waived for this period of time. Pull your Balls out the Bank and hang tight, because the next phase of the Pokémoon platform is underway!

NFT Release

Change teams like we change our characters just enough to avoid copyright issues!

Those 3 million PB-2114 scattered amongst the Mooniverse will be used to purchase the extra special super cool very first set of Pokémoon NFTs titled BLAST OFF! These NFTs will be released roughly one week after the great withdrawal along with the PB to NFT exchange and full front-end display functionality. It has always been a driving force of our team to deliver an innovative product that embodies what the community wants out of NFTs. We recognize the potential of the technology to mean more than just static pixels on a screen and have the talent to actualize that potential.

We also recognize that it doesn’t make much sense to launch an NFT market without a solid understanding of what the primary currency of that market is worth, so we have dreamed up the PB PRICE DISCOVERY EVENT! We are opening a PB-KBN pair Gym that yields Koban, and the block reward for all Koban gyms (and daycare) will increase 25%! People pairing their PB and Koban will provide liquidity for PB and allow the market to stabilize and predictable value to take shape. At every step of the way, the development team prioritizes the sustainability of our tokenomic ecosystem and protecting your investments. The PB Price Discovery event will last around 8 days, ending on April 16th.

How much are your balls worth?

When the price discovery event ends around the 16th, the PB-KBN gym will be closed. Since you jocks will be so sad after we close that bonus gym, we will supplement your lack of gains with the release of our NFT PLATFORM! This update will include the core functionality of our NFTs including minting, the PB exchange, and a front-end display mechanic. When the day comes, you will be able to withdraw your Peanut Butter 2114 (PB) and convert them into dazzling and unique 1st edition NFT’s. We will follow this 2 week farm, 1 week price discovery pattern with our NFTs for the foreseeable future.

Gotta Cash ‘Em All!

NFT in-depth from 3D Tech Developer Nodensclature:

All hail Nodensclature, maker of things shiny and spinny

Now that we’re getting closer to the first release of our brand new NFT booster packs, I feel like I’m a little more free to share exactly what’s going on with these things:

What we’ve been working on has been truly innovative, a collaborative effort between stat balancers, artists and designers. We had looked over the current NFT ecosystem and were all left wanting, there’s too many products that have no substance beyond its name or a neat gif. As more people try to get rich by flooding the marketplace with low effort NFTs, it will have a negative long-term impact on the concept of NFT collecting and trading as a whole. It’s creating a very nasty bubble that will hurt a lot of people once it pops, leaving them with nothing more than a picture on a blockchain worth pennies.

We aim to fix this before it can happen. Quality and innovation in our NFTs are the prime goals; we wanted to create something beyond an uploaded .png or .gif. Something beyond bland pseudo-old school 8-bit pixel art. So we put our heads together and racked our brains. How do we survive this bubble? Better yet, how can we create technology that breathes new life into the NFT marketplace as a whole?

The first step is simple. We raise the baseline quality standards of NFTs across the board. From here we begin to add multiple functionalities that elevate the NFTs into something engaging. Between games, alternate reality puzzles, community events, and more — nothing is off the table for our NFT-compatible usecases and applications.

I mean come on, Electric Bill and Thunder Quack? This comedy is worth its weight in GOLD!

First, let me start with what’s already been in the works on the NFT side of the PokéMoon Community and coming very soon. Booster sets of fully functional 3D modeled trading cards. Some of which integrate motion and effects into the card itself. The concept of releasing these NFTs in booster packs rather than flat listings and buys really excited us. It brought many of us right back to our childhoods of ripping open that new Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh or MTG wrapper in hopes we pulled out the card of our dreams (the card we could brag about to our friends).

Currently, the incoming Booster Set, “Blast Off” has 16 cards, each having at least three rarity variations with select cards having access to higher rarities. That comes to over 50 different variations of the first set of cards EVER on our platform. Collecting these will be a piece of crypto history, and as we continue to roll out utility your options will expand!

My legs are tingling.

While this first launch includes only the core functionality of the NFTs, in the future you may be asking yourself some difficult questions. Will you turn around and sell that rare NFT? Will you burn one trying to evolve the other into a higher rarity? Or will you collect and hold as it becomes rarer? That’s completely up to you!

As we finish up the PB-2114 farms for the first Booster Set, “Blast Off”, the balls necessary to get the cards contained within will stop being minted. That booster pack will have had its run, and any cards that were contained within have gained a level of scarcity that will only increase as time goes on. This short window will be your best opportunity to snag these invaluable reflections of our community’s tireless effort.

Not to worry though! We have plenty more NFTs coming, each released in this same format. And if you did happen to miss a card you really liked, eventually you can find a user that has it and see if you can buy or purchase off them. And further down the pipeline, we will be having Lotteries and other opportunities that will sometimes include rare, discontinued cards to help lucky winners complete their sets.

Now, future plans I can’t speak much more of, but I can give you some ideas about where the teams concepts are leading. Even before we started, we decided we wanted real stats, real attacks, real damage. While no TCG system for the cards exist, yet, the stats and functions of one was taken into account very early on and was integrated into the card planning. As our community continues growing, we want to expand even further on our NFT innovations. Being able to allow free use of NFTs gained from our system in tons of other areas, VR & AR functionalities, video game & app functionalities and more. Many of this is a two way street when involving other programs and companies. I’m confident that team’s strengths and their desire to keep pushing higher quality and constant innovation will help open the doors as we show these concepts can work in practice. Hopefully getting more widely accepted integration for not only our NFTs, but high quality NFTs from teams all over.

Nodens, OUT!

But daddy I’m bored…

Yeah yeah yeah we all know in the modern internet era we require 24/7 stimulation or else we fall into a deep irrepressible self-loathing known only as F.U.D. So we’re cooking up some more stuff to get up to while we wait patiently for the release of NFTs!

I’m sorry kitty, but it’s time to surgically attach you to your cousin to create a MEOWNAUT

To kick things off, Mathijs our resident Cheesenaut is hosting a series of meme creation contests with PB-2114 prizes! This is a great opportunity to put your pen to paper and get rewarded with a chance at our upcoming NFTs! One contest is already over and the winner is pictured above! Details about the next one can be found in this tweet and on the image below.

More contests and announcements about our community creators are coming soon; we’ll make sure y’all are entertained leading up to NFTs!

Spread the Word

Things are really starting to heat up on the backend now that the release of some of our platform’s coolest functionality is on the horizon, and we could use your help spreading the word.

It’s so strange to me how lowkey our project is seeing that we have already accomplished so much and been in the space for so long. In the fast-paced, hyper-competitive market under the Binance Smart Chain, we are pretty much grizzled veterans. With funds safu and such incredible tech in the pipeline, it’s a wonder we don’t have more exposure!

We’re a community project and thrive most when our diverse, multitalented group grows organically. Tell a friend, post a tweet, make a /biz/ thread, write a Reddit post, shoot a YouTube video, choreograph an interpretive dance, tattoo Meownaut on your lover’s left big-toe, the world is your oyster! It makes the work that much more rewarding and the conversation that much more lively when we have more folks to share our mooniverse with. SHILL!

As always

Thanks for hanging in there, believing in us, and keeping the Pokémoon spirit alive. We have been working tirelessly to bring our collective vision closer and closer to a technical reality. It’s not easy but it’s endlessly rewarding because we get to do it with and for people we care about: you! We are endlessly grateful for each and every member of the Pokémoon community and will not disappoint you.

Stay tuned for more exciting new ;;)

-Dev Team

April 8th -> Farm KBN using PB-KBN
April 16th -> Get those SEXY NFT’s



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