PB Price Discovery is now LIVE!

Hello Happy Farmers!

The last droplet of PB-2114 has been suckled from the teat of the PokéBank, so now it is time to pull your balls out of the bucket!

The 20% Koban Withdraw Fee has been waived on the PokéBank, so you can now pull them out without your clumsy paper hands dropping them!

Looking for somewhere to put your freshly-retrieved Koban? The PB+KBN pair Gym has opened for ONE WEEK ONLY with a sky-high initial APY. Further, targeted-increased block rewards means the yields on the PB+KBN Gym have improved greatly!

Hurry over to the KBN-PB Gym!

Around April 16th the Price Discovery Event will end and you will be able to use PB-2114 to purchase our FIRST EVER incredibly rare and cool NFT PACKS!

Over the course of this week, natural market activity along with the new liquidity pools under PB will give the development team heaps of valuable data and community feedback that we will use to determine the final cost of the NFT packets (and how we structure the PB-xxxx system going forward)!

So get to trading and pooling, ball-busters — we have a price to discover!

Btw, message from leakyboi: stay tuned for leaks regarding the next booster pack ;-)

-Dev Team



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