Quick update on farms …

2 min readNov 21, 2021

Fellow ‘Nauts and Bandits, a quick update: we originally planned to deploy new farms today, however a few of us are Afk/traveling so they will be deployed this week. Tbf, we wanted to give CZ a few more days to sort out his smart chain woes before we fly out again. (Seriously, what the shit is up with #BNB? Did y’all read that savage post about #BSC on Github? Jokes aside CZ, you looked beautiful at Bloomberg’s, keep up the appearances).

This is a Bearnaut (ca. Summer, 2021)

Bearnaut with us. We know a lot of this is boring, tedious shit but it’s absolutely essential for us to get the foundational stuff in order. We legitimately have a dozen things to share and announce such as big updates on our TCG project, a new partnership announcement, and sneak peeks into the other stuff we’re working on (we’ve already divulged too much — no more!). We also want to manage expectations, don’t want to compromise on quality or not deliver. Full transparency.

Our tokens have already experienced obscene gains since our revive message. But we’re not satisfied. Those of us who have been here since before-April when the price of $MNT was ATH will live to see better days.

Buy low, defi, sell high.

In solidarity,

Team Meownaut and Team Kobandit

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