Summertime Gladness II

2 min readAug 26, 2022


Updates from Q2-Q3

Now that we’ve officially received our first grant from Polygon, there are some important requirements that we need to meet in order to fulfill our contract — these requirements include a special blog about our partnership, tweets and joint AMAs. As soon as they’re scheduled and/or go live, we’ll use our channels to share the links. Be sure to engage with everything as much as possible — your interactions will help others find us and show Polygon how active we are.

As promised in our last update, we’ll be resuming our meta pub AMAs! The next one will take place on Thursday, 1 September at 20h UTC on our Telegram. Members of our core team will be available to answer questions and share updates. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll also be testing other formats such as an AMA on Twitter Spaces. Stay tuned!

The MetabeastZ TCG rulebook and game development are both progressing well and we will be sharing previews very soon. Thank you to all who have been assisting to beta test the game and have contributed to the design of the rulebook!

Important: Emission rewards have been turned off to halt KBN inflation and in preparation of our next phase in partnership with Polygon Studios. We’re coordinating and consulting with Polygon and our advisors regarding the best way to migrate our project. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

Note: a screenshot “timeframe” may be used to determine existing KBN and MNT holders’ compensation post-expansion/migration. Selling your tokens prematurely will exclude you from any airdrop that is planned. Absolutely no exceptions will be made.

Next steps regarding the migration, conversion and/or possible airdrop will be communicated once all details have been finalized. This channel is the primary source for all official announcements. At this critical juncture, the team has an opportunity to modify the project’s tokenomics, which we are also currently exploring. An incredible amount of uncompensated time and effort has gone into MetacosmiX since our re-branding that we intend to factor equitably into our new tokenomics. We have a very ambitious roadmap for MetacosmiX alongside Polygon and we want to make sure the appropriate groundwork is laid.

In solidarity,

Team MetacosmiX

Official channels: MetacosmiX website, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Tik Tok.




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