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3 min readFeb 22, 2022


Announcing a brand new partnership with Elk Finance …

Fellow ‘Nauts and Bandits, we’re extremely proud to announce a brand new partnership that’s coming your way with Elk Finance. Before you ask, an elk is a magical, virile, creature — one of the largest in the deer family.

Less than a year old, Elk Finance is one of the fastest moving multi-chain protocols in the cryptosphere. They make it easy for anyone to move value and exchange crypto quickly, securely, and cheaply across blockchains. In fact Elk is servicing a stag-gering ecosystem of over 70 farms across 16 networks. One of our favourite features is their Impermanent Loss Protection program. (IL. Protection. [Pause for effect] Yes, you read that correctly.)

Frankly we could go on about Elk (we’ve had loads of fawn learning about them since our talks began and in order to write this post), however their official docs and especially their 2022 Blueprint/Outlook contains everything they’re working on, and is better than anything we could say. One thing though — and ffs — get yourself a Moose NFT.

TL;DR Elk is a boss project and we’re doe pleased and grateful to be joining their network and for the vote of confidence, which, you should know, was subject to broad consensus.

By joining the Elk herd we’ll be participating in promotional initiatives (fireside chats, Twitter spaces, and other social media mentions, and a special farm with $ELK rewards), extending our network, and setting the foundations for our own cross-chain plans.

The first AMA is scheduled on Thursday, 24 February, 2022, at 18:00 UTC.

Our partnership with Elk will unfold in phases. The first phase will be a new KBN-ELK farm that will go live in the coming days on Elk Finance with a reward of 1 $ELK per $1,000.00 worth of LPs staked). You can buy $ELK here, ($KBN must be purchased on PCS). Once the farm is live, locate the KBN-ELK farm, hit the Deposit button, and create liquidity pairings directly on the Farm page. As more LPs are created, more $ELK rewards will be distributed. The first phase of the KBN-ELK farm will kick-off in 5–10 days and will last at least six weeks.

Plus, in commemoration of our partnership, the MetabeastZ TCG core deck will feature a bodaciously animated Elk 3D NFT, thereby cementing Elk Finance in Blockchain TCG history and lore. You’ll find her randomly inserted in the fresh new booster packs that will be available for purchase soon.

MetaBeastZ TCG Preview: Jet Elk

Lastly, before signing off, picture a rugged scene: the gentle gurgle of a creek, conifers rustling in the breeze, a snow-capped mountainous backdrop, clear skies; a herd of majestic elk basking in the mid-morning sun. A meownaut appears, then another, and then another. They all live happily ever after.

In solidarity,

Team MetacosmiX

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