Turning up the Volume and Tax-free Trading

Fellow ‘Nauts and Bandits, with the new raffle that just went live to strengthen our liquidity, there’s yet another thing we want to tackle: mooooore moaarrr trading volume on both tokens.

It looks like CoinMarketCap (CMC) can’t seem to hear us above the throng of crypto chatter so we need to turn up the (trading) volume. CMC, if you’re reading this: you have no idea what you’re missing, but it’s not too late!

In addition to the added bonus of unveiling a massive partner once we clinch our liquidity and volume targets, we are suspending all taxes on $MNT trades for a short, unspecified period of time in order to incentivize buying. Yes, seriously. We’re not fucking around or resorting to half-measures in order to grow our project.

This is your chance to quietly move your Meownaut tokens without recourse from Daycare to the LP or load up on more. Do not wait to buy or move your tokens. This brief tax break could end as early as tomorrow, so be sure to take advantage immediately.

Indeed our coins have been slowly but steadily pumping while Bitcoin was taking a shit over the last few weeks, but we’re not satisfied yet with where we are. We are building a project that’s meant for mass adoption and broad utility. Our horizon is infinite!

To make the most of our upcoming partnership announcements and the deployment of our marketplace and TCG, the foundations must be laid beforehand with listings. And as we all know, listings beget more listings!

In order to get our tokens ‘listed’ — particularly even on a centralized exchange, we must fulfil a number of important requirements that demonstrate investor interest in our project. This may sound obvious but it means, you, as an investor, carry the responsibility of advocating for our project.

Thus, our humble plea is to share this project with others, accumulate if you missed out, and buy the dip.

In solidarity,

Team Meownaut and Team Kobandit

Official Pokemoon channels: Telegram, Medium, Discord, Twitter, Reddit and the PokéMoon website.



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