We’re all going to PolyDoge Heaven

3 min readMar 6, 2022


Beloved ‘Nauts and Bandits, riddle us this: what has three phalli, five legs, and two tongues? A Meownaut tied to a PolyDoge, that’s what!

If you’ve been following our Twitter, you probably noticed all the virtual fist bumps we’ve been exchanging with PolyDoge over the last few weeks. They are not coincidences, fam. For over two months we have been quietly planning, building, philosophizing and fantasizing a new cross-breed Web3 “beast” with the rocket scientists of PolyDoge.

This is serious gangster rocket science shit. We’re talking about doing something on the scale of like a MF POLYDOGENAUT THAT FEEDS ON RADIOACTIVE KOOBIES INSIDE A STARSHIP FUELED BY POLYGON GAS. That is literally and figuratively the only fucking way to explain what’s coming. There is simply no other way.

Lowkey, though, we’re merging internally with PolyDoge. A straight up, full out, massive fucking merger of both teams’ resources, networks and labs that will henceforth work on PolyDoge, MetacosmiX, MetaPetz and MetabeastZ (including other soon-to-be-announced super sexy sub-projects) under a kind of UNITED COSMIC KENNEL FAMILY! (And before you ask, $KBN and $MNT are not going anywhere.) We will ensure that all tokens and NFTs will be equally important and actually gain even more utility in the expanded ecosystem and metaverse. More details will follow soon.

If you’re hearing about PolyDoge for the first time today, get your ass over to their official docs, Telegram, Discord and Twitter. Founded and led by absolute rockstars Jordan Charters and Pat, PolyDoge is one of the most established and storied Polygon projects: they’ve got NFTs, apps, airdrops, DeFi, gaming, merchandise, DAO, real-world use, and much more still planned. PolyDoge also boasts an astounding $13.7M+ USD MCAP as of this writing.

Naturally, the plan to merge made complete sense because it dramatically increases our capacity to innovate, which is very important given the speed at which things move in crypto. Indeed, a lot of the Web3 stuff that PolyDoge has already accomplished are things we are working on or intended to. Therefore, this mergership means MetacosmiX milestones will be cleared earlier, and our new team can proceed to new groundbreaking initiatives. As ever, this merger also means our community becomes larger and better and will expose our projects to new capital and more creative opportunities. ​​Help us welcome new and interested investors here and on our other channels. This is a team effort — we can’t do this without you.

NFA, but the next few days may get a little wild provided, of course, Bitcoin doesn’t wet the bed. Stay tuned for more updates.

To infinite,

Team MetacosmiX




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