We’re back, Baby!

The great revive and rise of Koban, and other whatnauts.

The demise of Meownaut and other lies

Dearest Pokemoon Fam, yes, we’re alive, thank you for checking in on us. We know it’s been a minute since you heard from us. Rest assured, we’ve been incredibly busy working away and finally have important updates. If you’re reading this, it means you’ve stuck by us so thank you. Your patience will pay off.

Changes to Tokenomics

In an effort to curb the inflation of Koban and future-proof #Pokemoon, emissions have been halted or reduced — an announcement will follow in the coming days on our channels when they re-open and about new block rates.

PBs are hereby decommissioned and their pools will be closing. New PBs will not be created in the future. No future use is planned for any of the old PBs (but we’re open to suggestions, holla at us if you have something in mind).

Hail, Koban! The legendary Koban is henceforth the currency of our realm! Koban will be the legal tender of the new marketplace (more on this below), with lots more use cases and deflationary mechanics planned. Get ’em while they cheap af.

In line with the reimagining of our tokenomics, a governance system is planned to underpin the direction of our project. Tiered amounts of Meownaut will be required in your wallet to participate in the marketplace and in governance (more details to follow). They also cheap af too.


This update unequivocally confirms that our Marketplace is complete, bitches. A special shoutout to Hoss for this, whose conviction and dedication to see it all through to completion cannot be understated. Salutations, King.

The marketplace is currently being tested internally and will be available later this month. More announcements will follow. Tell all your friends.

Hold up, Meownauts and Kobandits are joining forces?

Our team has changed. The core is the same, but we’ve grown and diversified. We stand on the shoulders of this community. Ours is an intellectually-promiscuous-experimental-blockchain-revolving-door project. Holla at us if you got some cool skillz and wna get involved.

We also have new partners but we can’t share ’em yet. (They’re better than you think.) These partnerships will expose our projects to new friends, capital, and creative opportunities. Help us welcome new and interested investors here and on our other channels. This is a team effort — we can’t do this with you.

Wither the Artfulnaut?

Lastly, our project has been the repose of artists since its inception. It’s given rise to original music, desperate locutions, hilarious illustrations, sexy digital art, and countless memes.

A bag o’ koobies is better than a dooby

Our view of art as a boundless endeavour underpins everything we do, and we are constantly looking for new ways to use it as a mode for laughter, pleasure, and social commentary. And transcendence! This is the metaverse after all.

We believe our beasts and pocket monsters offer an incredible creative idiom to project new meaning and ideas based on the contemporary issues of our time.

If you’re an artist, represent another project or a blockchain, or an arts organization, and wna collaborate, reach out immediately and pitch us. We strive to support creators with diversity, equity, and inclusion in mind and at heart.

That’s not all, folks!

Stay tuned for more on future releases, marketing, and other creative and business developments. And don’t hesitate to reach out on our channels. We’re e’rwhere.

Official channels: Telegram, Medium, Discord, Twitter, Reddit and the PokéMoon website.



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