Wynaut & Meowth used Extreme Speed! 10x APY starts TOMORROW!

Wynaut & Meowth used Extreme Speed!

EDIT: NEW DOMAIN! https://wynautdefi.app/ Your hype crashed the old one hahaha

Wynaut Community — we hear you. You’ve been patiently HODLing and waiting for us to announce what’s going on next.

Trust us when we say we would love to just drop announcements every few hours. We’re part of this community too, and we feel as excited as any of you when we feel confident enough to release real news…

…So here’s some real news!

2 NEW tokens are being worked on

  • These new tokens address the security and supply issues of the first but with similar mechanics (the reflection and burn of our deflationary coin Wynaut, with pools and farms creating our inflationary coin Meowth).
  • We are also working on some truly exciting new use cases and features for our tokens — keep an eye on our Telegram for the latest info.

Extreme Speed is coming… We wanted you to know:

Wynaut and Meowth are both safe and you can farm/pool as before, as much as you like with confidence.

However, one of the ongoing issues that has faced the community since the infamous dev wallet theft is that the original APY figures were based on our promising launch — we offered a market-leading APY that was great for everyone… at least until that incident. We want to set this right.

In 12 hours' time, our Extreme Speed event starts! We’re going to bring all APY figures closer to what was originally offered when we launched farming on teamrocket.app. A 10x multiplier, to be exact.

“Hey, Brock, what is Extreme Speed?” “When a Pokemon’s speed goes to the extreme.”

12 hours from now, our farms and pools will benefit from 10x the current APY! This will last for 7 days then slowly decrease over time, similar to when we initially launched Meowth with farms and pools.

We are still planning an airdrop for those that supported us prior to the dev wallet incident. If you get the airdrop and farm today, you are double-golden!

Like our websites, social media profiles, our Telegram, and this Medium, this is all part of the rebuild to look after the community. Just as we promised.

7 days from now, we will reveal the identity of our two new tokens, information about how they will work (especially with regards to Wynaut and Meowth), and how we plan to look after previous holders/farmers/poolers and those sticking with us. We haven’t forgotten about any of you.

We have the best community in all of BSC, and we massively appreciate how much all of you have stood with us.

With all love, let’s farm and pool with EXTREME SPEED!

  • P W / The Wynaut Community Team



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